2020, The Year Everything Changed!!

I was looking at some stats and I was like wait..wow!! 2020 is that year everything changed, and I don't think things are really going to ever be the same again, though necessarily not in a bad way, just different from usual.

 The lock-down is definitely changing the way we work, the way we live. I think the world has had a major paradigm shift due to the corona-virus, we now appreciate the simpler things in life, we now stop and pause to think about the things that really matter, and we are realizing that some things just don't matter. There is no need to rush to go out anymore. The bosses that said "No you can't work from home!" are all having to work from home themselves, the irony of life.

I was chatting with my friend the other day and she said she had to wait for hours to make a purchase online, there were about 10,000 people in line in front of her on that website!!! Wowzers.

Unfortunately, many businesses have gone into administration due to the lock-down, sadly some older brands are closing shop too. I love Laura Ashley and they are one of the ones who have been hard hit. However, on the flip side, some other businesses are skyrocketing in revenue. Zoom has, for example, been getting loads of attention these last few days, they have had a mega surge in subscription of their products.

The lock-down is blowing up everything internet-based, and if you run a business, you need to benefit from this change, the change does not have to ruin your business or slow you down. Every business owner needs to learn to pivot, that's one of the great qualities of anyone who has really succeeded in business. I was chatting with a client two days ago and he said he was having a hard time convincing his friend to try using online platforms to push his product.

Why won't you use the online platforms to push your product? I don't get it really... that's were everyone is hanging out these days and like it or not, things are not going back to analog or older ways.

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