Getting Unstuck

Getting  Unstuck.


Launch Your Vision- 5 Days Challenge

If you are feeling, dissatisfied, unhappy, overwhelmed anxious or unfulfilled in your life or role, it could be because your life is missing the secret ingredient.

The secret ingredient is your WHY.

You are probably feeling this way because you are not aligned yet with your purpose and your why and you are living to fulfil someone else's dreams.
I spoke with an entrepreneur on the Facebook group- The 7 Figure Group recently and she said something that struck me, she said she works harder now creating her dream  than in her previous roles and she loves it to bits. She has certainly been through more stress and hurdles too but that's not stopping her.

So it is essential that you find  your why. Money is the result of your work but your Why fuels your work, it's the innate force that drives you to succeed.

What Is Your “Why”?
Your “Why” is a statement of purpose that describes why you do the work you do and why you live the lifestyle you do.

It is your calling.

It is your conviction.

It is your mission statement.

It is a vision of your life and work.

It is your core source of motivation.

It’s the reason.

"Your “Why” comes from within you.

It is what compels you to do the work you want to do even if it requires short-term sacrifice. You’ll struggle with thoughts of self-doubt. You will suffer criticisms. You might not make much money right away. Your loved ones might not support your decision or understand you. You might suffer several failures before your experience success."

Yet it's all worth it, it's the ingredient that adds zest, passion, joy, and purpose to life, when you find your why you get unstuck. 

Ask your self a life saving question today, Have you found your why?

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Launch Your Vision- 5 Days Challenge