Hitting The Right Target

“Marketing is really just about sharing your passion.” –(Michael Hyatt, virtual business mentor)
I will also add that it's not just about sharing your passion, but also sharing with your ideal customer.
According to Google search -spray-and-pray" marketing - is basically a method of advertising your business anywhere and everywhere, hoping that people will notice you; praying your hard work pays off. Sending mass emails to anyone and everyone; applying too much effort on social media like Facebook and Twitter
It's basically why people try so hard to run a business both online and offline and fail. I know this because I have failed many times, before finding the right way.
The ability to target your ideal customer in a Niche Market is powerful. I have tested this and I know it's true. I once opened a Niche store online and made about $1000 as I launched because I was serving a very niche market, and I have also opened a generalist store and I only made less than $50 for months after launch.
This shows me one thing, and it's that to be successful online we need to have the ability to find a profitable niche. We need to learn the tools for growth, and we need to profile our ideal customers and provide content that they will love and content that resonates with them. This is a skill every 21st-century small business owner must-have and grow, also a skill our students are presently learning on my E commerce online course.
There are of course other things that add to running a successful business online, but serving the right people the right content is definitely a very good start.
It also taught me another thing, and it's that failure is just an opportunity to collect data necessary to help you make the best future move towards success.
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