Whose Time Is It?


One of the most precious assets we will ever have on earth is time. Ever heard of the phrase "Trading time for money?"

Usually, when we go to work to get paid, we are trading out time for money. This is worse if you work in a dead-end job that is not making enough to cover the bills. This could be the same for people who are their own bosses, you may run your own business and still be a slave to that business especially if you have no spare time or spare cash, when you have sleepless nights and when the business overhead is crushing you.

The big question here is how do we break the jinx? What does it really mean to not trade time for money. How do we start to earn exponential income compared to the time invested, the type of income that frees up our time to do other things while maximising our earning capacity. For example  you could  have 5 income streams, and you could use different tools to manage these streams of income, or you could have few people managing it for you,  suppose each income stream earns you $2000 a day, and after you have paid all your overheads and expenses you still have $1000 a day left from each income stream, totalling $5000 per day. This means each income stream is making you money while freeing up the time to do other things that you love. Another example could be an entrepreneur who invests $50,000 in a start-up business and sells this off for $10 M after two years. He has managed to effectively increase his earnings with enough time to do whatever he wants after two years. You also have your expert speaker who bills $20,000 for a 90-minute keynote presentation. This means he can take a few gigs in a month while using the extra time to do other things.

The question is why are most people still running through the mill of corporate jobs? Trading time for money? Why do we spend 4 to 10 years in higher education to get into jobs that farms our time? Leaving barely enough to pay the bills. The real answer lies in our mindsets and the path we choose to success. The real fact is that those people who earn exponential income to achieve this level of success have had to pay a price. There are two types of prices to pay, the first is the price of time and effort. The speaker who now earns thousands in dollars would have had to invest thousands in training and on books to increase their knowledge resource base. The youtuber who now earns seven figures every month would have spent hundreds of hours editing videos and learning the ropes on how to create content that drives traffic.

The second price to pay is the ability to face their fears and take the risk to start something different from the norm. The people in our generation are wired to go through the educational system and then into the marketplace to find jobs. There is a lot of talk about getting the ideal job that helps us to earn income. It takes a lot of guts to say no to the norm and take a different route to success. It takes overcoming fear as well as changing your mindset. 

When you have assets that markets itself even in your sleep then you are free. The real question to ask your self is that are you willing to pay the price needed to stop trading time for money? It is not about how fast or how quickly, it is more about making the necessary choices and sticking with it. The important thing is that the internet makes it quite easy to learn new skills.

Making the right choice takes commitment and grit, even if you are not living the life that you want, and even if you are on that treadmill and you want to get off, it might take longer to get off, but it is possible to achieve. The truth is that most people cannot afford not to work because bills need to get paid and needs to get paid right now, but you can do the extra work needed to build side hustles and multiple income streams. What you are doing now matters, it could lead to a path of consulting, you can offer specialised consultation based on the knowledge you have amassed over the years and you can get paid for it, you can even choose to coach people based on the knowledge of a skill you have. Other avenues to multiple income streams include setting up an ecommerce business using social media as a marketing tool for your business. The routes are endless if you are committed to living free. You just need humble curiosity that leads to growth and the courage to start.

Do you have a vision and you are unsure about how to achieve this; we have a resource that can help you get started; it is a 5-day challenge that can help you get started even if you do not feel ready.

 5-Day Launchpad