About Tolu

 I am an Entrepreneur, an Author, and a Coach. My latest book, Launching Your Million Dollar Dream, is available on Amazon. I mentor and coach people on how to launch their ideas into the marketplace, I also train businesses on how to use E-Commerce to level-up and power-up their revenue without breaking the bank.

I started my first business about 10 years ago and failed woefully at it, then I tried to write my first book and failed at that too, so I had a career change and became a project manager for the next few years, one day I was let go unceremoniously from a job and I decided to take the leap to start a business again. This time around I gave it my all and used all that I learned failing. My new business turned around and earned me 6 figures within 3 years, most start-ups fail within 5! I also founded a charity all with the aim of giving back to the community.

As the CEO and Founder of VanillaStyle, we are all about bringing elegance and style to the marketplace through the power of e-commerce, our passion as an organization is quality and service excellence.

As the Founder of Precious Pearl, (a charity I founded 5 years ago) our passion is to empower individuals to enable them to bring their best selves in Career and Business to the marketplace, we also give items to those in need. We collaborate with the British Red Cross to give out hundreds of life packages and food hampers yearly. We also empower hundreds of lives through grants, webinars, and workshops.