About Tolu


I started my first business about 10 years ago and failed woefully at it, then I tried to write my first book and failed at that too, so I had a career change and became a project manager for the next few years, one day I was let go unceremoniously from a job and I decided to take the leap to start a business again. This time around I gave it my all and used all that I learned failing. My new business turned around and earned me 6 figures within 3 years, most start-ups fail within 5! I also founded a charity all with the aim of giving back to the community.

My new projects and businesses have giving me a new lease of life, and a new outlook to life. Life is lived only once so why not live your best life now, build your best dreams now and focus on success and not survival.

I am now on a mission to build a community of successful entrepreneurs. I am passionate about empowering those I work with, helping them to achieve success using various strategies and tools. These tools will help you to succeed if you are serious about changing your life around.

Tolu is the founder of Precious Pearl, a charity organisation in the United Kingdom and she is also the founder of the fashion brand VanillaStyle also based in the UK